Hi! My name is Quirine Brouwer, I am 26 years old and live in Dordrecht, the Netherlands with my dog Louis. When I was seven I already proudly recited my poems in front of a willing audience (my parents), and I still can’t believe that my stories are now also read by people that don’t have to listen to me just because they happen to be related to me.

My love for creating has evolved from putting together my own magazines with cutouts and glue, to sharing everything I love online. I have made ‘romanticizing life’ into an art form by sharing my passions with others, all wrapped up in a unique visual style that is influenced by my love for books, writing, vintage imagery, Parisian cafes and old, dusty bookstores. See for yourself on my Instagram and TikTok.

Next to that, I work as a freelance copywriter and content creator for various businesses. I am trying to make my way as a voice in the book community and dream of filling my days with creative writing one day: from magazine columns to novels.