My social media are probably best described as ‘a dreamy place that invokes a certain nostalgia for a non-existent past and longing for a life surrounded by books, art, drama and all beautiful things in life.

What started out as me talking about the books I was reading, has grown to be my creative outlet in every aspect of my life, with which I reach thousands to millions of people each month.

I love working together with brands that fit my style and interests. From books to beauty to fashion to interior. Want to work together? Don’t hesitate to reach out to eric@smallscreenmarketing.com.

Where can you find me?

The short version:

  • Instagram @quirinebrouwer (107k+ followers)
  • TikTok @quinthebooks (96k+ followers)
  • Pinterest @quirinebrouwer (2.5 milion monthly views)
  • Goodreads @quirinebrouwer (1600+ friends)

The long version (a.k.a. my media kit):

Instagram: @quirinebrouwer

On Instagram I combine many of my interests with one goal: transport my followers to a different place and time. With my photos I want to convey that feeling of old, dusty bookstores, drinking red wine in a Parisian cafe, scribbling away in your coffee-stained notebook by candlelight. In short, I want to inspire.

Followers: 107k+
Engagement rate: 9.6%

Audience locations:
1. US (32%)
2. UK (8.2%)
3. India (6%)
4. Germany (4.7%)
5. The Netherlands (3.4%)
Audience gender: 81.1% female, 18.8% male
Audience age: 44.5% age 18-24, 38.7% age 25-34.

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Een bericht gedeeld door Quirine ☽ (@quirinebrouwer)

TikTok: @quinthebooks

I was sceptical about TikTok when I joined at the end of 2020. However, the force of the algorithm is strong, and it wasn’t long before I landed on Booktok. My people! After ‘lurking’ for a few months, I decided to go for it and post a video myself. A year later, I have an audience of thousands and I have found new ways to express my creativity I didn’t know I was capable of. And I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Followers: 96K+
Likes: 4.5 million
Most viral video: 4.5 million views

Audience locations:
1. US (50%)
2. UK (18%)
3. Canada (12%)
4. Netherlands (10%)
Audience gender: 91% female, 9% male

@quinthebooks It’s okay to feel a little lost sometimes ❤️ #booktok #bookrecs ♬ original sound – charlie
@quinthebooks Sorry for the quality it got dark outside during filming 🙃 #falloutfits ♬ Back to the Old House (2011 Remaster) – The Smiths

Pinterest: @quirinebrouwer

Average monthly views: 2.5 million
Unique monthly reach: 1.03 million
Followers: 5.5k+

Audience locations:
1. US (34.9%)
2. Other (18.9%)
3. India (4.3%)
4. UK (4.2%)
Audience gender: 89.2% female, 7.9% other

Collaboration examples

Examples of past collaborations I’ve done.

Gambettes Box (tights subscription box)

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Een bericht gedeeld door Quirine ☽ (@quirinebrouwer)

Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door Quirine ☽ (@quirinebrouwer)

Book of the Month (book subscription box)

@quinthebooks Who else was excited for Hell Bent? 😩 #hellbent #leighbardugo #botm #botmpartner ♬ original sound – Quirine 🥀🌙

Nextory (audiobook app)

@quinthebooks Wil jij Nextory 50 dagen gratis proberen en deze boeken beluisteren? Gebruik dan de code via de link in mijn bio! 📚 #boektok #nextory #herfstboeken #luisterboeken ♬ original sound – Quirine 🥀🌙

Let’s work together!

Are you a publisher, writer or someone else working in the literary field? Would you like to reach a large audience that has a specific interests in books? Or do you want me to create content in my unique visual style for your fashion, beauty or interior brand? I’d love to create something with you. Please contact eric@smallscreenmarketing.com.