Notes on Heartbreak Annie Lord

In Notes on Heartbreak, Annie Lord nails down the heartbreak experience like no other and I think this is an extremely comforting read for people going through it.

Notes on Heartbreak

Unfortunately I have to report that I am going through a bad case of heartbreak myself. As a result, I’m gathering all the reads that might help to get through it, or at least ease the pain temporarily. This one definitely delivered. It helps knowing you’re not the only one with those feelings that make you feel so pathetic sometimes (and knowing there’s light at the end of the tunnel, well, sort of), and that every stage is normal. Annie did every thing I was scolding myself for: temporarily moving back to the parents, stalking on social media, re-reading old texts, pleading over the phone.

And that what makes this book so different from all the other countless texts that, throughout the ages, have been written about heartbreak: not only is Annie’s experience entirely personal, it also takes place in an age where online, we are constantly confronted with what we lost.

Reading this book felt like talking to an understanding friend, like complaining together about the pain of heartbreak, sobbing over a glass wine in self-pity about how unfair it all is, but also shaking each other out of it, knowing that even if romantic love ends, there will always be people that love you outside of that.

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